Hi, I’m Morgan!

I worked as a Media Strategist in Nashville for almost a year, but have decided to put my Fashion Merchandising degree to use and am opening a online boutique!

Currently living in South Carolina – where I’m from and working on bringing this dream I believe God laid on my heart into reality.

I’m a bit of an old soul and am living up that grandma lifestyle. I’m always down for an adventure, but also love being in bed by like 11:00. That’s pushing it. I’m a bit of a foodie & craft beer + wine lover. I workout to stay healthy but mainly so I can eat pizza, sushi, & Indian food. I love to read + craft. I’m an amateur photographer. Amateur may be too generous. I love a good road trip with a solid playlist. I’ll sing along, loudly, but not very well.

I grew up a Christian but my life kind of took a detour some time during middle school. I didn’t reroute until early college. I definitely did not have a relationship with Jesus for a really long time. But, He pursues each and every one of us, and I have found my way back. All the credit goes to Him but I am so grateful for the people He placed into my life that have had a huge role in my walk. I hope through this blog your love for Jesus grows, and you get to know me better in the process.

Let’s talk! I love hearing people’s stories and making new friends. Wanna grab coffee? Let me know.



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