Finding Your Life Friends

Every one knows the saying “I’d rather have four quarters than a hundred pennies,” and most would agree that’s true. I’d certainly rather have four really great friends than a hundred meh friends.

In college, it was easy to be discouraged and experience a sense of loneliness when you first started out. Especially when you saw the girls in sororities with photos of like 30 friends out together. I always wondered how close they actually all were, but with time, I found my group. And it was the best group. It is the best group.

IMG_1944.JPGI may be 7+ hours away from them, but we’re still very much in each others lives. That’s because of the type of friendship we have. It’s not a fleeting one. It’s not surface level. It’s definitely not a give and take friendship. They’re all rooted in something deeper. A bond that was created through good times, late nights, dance parties, car jam sessions, deep talks, and Jesus.

These people have shown me so much love, kindness, generosity, and forgiveness the past few years all while having so much fun together. I think there can be a worldly friendship v. Godly friendship.

What’s the difference? In my experience, worldly friendships are super surface level. You hang out because it’s convenient. They’re someone to talk to and keep you entertained. A worldly friend asks the bare minimum about your life and not those tough questions that make you think deep down. They’re probably not the ones you think to call when something is going on in your life because they give you some slack response leaving you feeling even worse than before. It’s not a friendship where you help hold each other accountable and sometimes there can be this sense of competition. That’s the absolute worst!

Finding those Godly friendships will change your life. What do these friends look like? How do you know they’ll be those Godly friendships? FullSizeRender-8These people act differently. They’re kind and full of joy. They want to know you and spend time with you. They’re the friends you talk to about the deepest and darkest parts of you because you know they will speak truth into your life and remind you of who you are in Jesus. And when they’re struggling and sharing their life with you, you sit and you listen. You pray over them and with them. You remind them of their true identity and not the lies Satan tries to tell them.

Sometimes you meet these kind of friends and know instantly you’ll be lifelong friends and some take a little time to grow and develop. That’s ok. Don’t write someone off because you don’t immediately have “the one” feeling. But, once you do have these friendships, be sure to pour into them. Take the time to listen to your friends, be there for them, and to pray for them and with them. It’s pretty amazing to see what happens.

The friends in my life love me so, so well and I hope you find those people in your life too. Don’t be afraid to open your heart to them and be vulnerable. It’ll be the best decision.

Here’s to finding more life friends in Nashville!


“Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends” John 15:13



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  1. A few true friends are definitely more valuable than a host of “acquaintances” or superficial friends. With superficial friends you are always trying to measure up or fit in – true friends love you, warts and all!


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